Important Changes To Family Mosaic’s Transfer Policy

In 2012, Family Mosaic introduced new fixed-term tenancies, replacing the older style tenancy ‘for life’. It was done partly because there is a very serious shortage of social housing. But it’s also so that those of you who can move on do so because our homes should be there for people who have no other way of finding a home.

Targeted help

Tenants of subsidiaries (Old Oak HA and Old Oak Housing) are eligible to join Family Mosaic’s Transfer list if they meet the criteria described in their policy.

However, Family Mosaic is also making big changes to their transfer policy. The changes have been triggered by three things. First, the number of you asking to move remains at a level much higher than the number of homes we can offer. Second, a huge number of transfer offers are being turned down. Third, we know some of you are in a position to sort out your own housing needs without much help from us.

What happens to people who come off the transfer list?

Family Mosaic plans to stop adding to the list people who need to move because of overcrowding or poor health or a disability, from the 1st February 2014. People in this category already on the list will be taken off it on the 1st October 2015.

We will make sure you understand all your other ‘rehousing’ options and, if you apply for your local council’s housing register, we will make sure that you are treated in the same way as other local people.

The main planned policy changes

The main change is that Family Mosaic will be making our housing transfer list open only for tenants:

  • in the most urgent need
  • who are ‘down-sizing’
  • who our housing managers say have to move for safety reasons or something equally important
  • who have to move because their home needs extensive repairs or is to be sold
  • Other planned changes are designed to improve the way our transfer list and ‘choice-based’ lettings system work.

If you have any questions or concerns please phone 020 8743 5486