Old Oak Housing – Resident’s Trip to Margate

Residents and their families recently enjoyed a trip to Margate with Old Oak staff. The day threatened rain but it held off long enough for all to have a great time. With buckets and spades at the ready, the sun shining and the fun of the beach, the day was eventful and a welcome change for some families.  

There are a few places left on our next trip to Margate which is planned for Friday 29 August 2014. To book a seat please make contact with the Old Oak Housing office?

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Old Oak Good Neighbour Award 2014


You don’t need to have watched Australian soap opera Neighbours to recognise its theme tune. Everybody does indeed need good neighbours so it’s sad that growing numbers of people have never spoken to their neighbours. We think neighbours who know and look out for each other are one of the keys to a healthy, happy community. So we wanted to celebrate the good neighbours out there and the first of these awards have been presented to 2 very deserving tenants Violet Pierce and Debbie Smith.

Both have contributed in different ways but have helped locally with the walking bus for children to school, cutting neighbour’s hedges, getting shopping for those less able and generally being the best neighbour that you can be. Vi pierce said “I am overwhelmed by this and I believe there are others so much more deserving so I hope people get nominating”.

We’ll give £50 in vouchers to the neighbour judged ‘best’, with prizes for the runner-ups. Has your neighbour supported you or others at a time of need? Maybe they have started a local project that benefited all of you. Or maybe something else makes them a great neighbour. If that’s the case, we want to hear!

Nominate a neighbour, telling us why you think they deserve to win our competition. Email carla.martin@familymosaic.co.uk or write to Carla Martin 43-45 Erconwald Street, London W12 0BP