New Old Oak Housing website!

New Old Oak Housing website!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our brand new website!, the official site for our residents in Old Oak, offers a wealth of information about every element of living in one of our homes as well as details of our work in your local community and how you can get involved.

Our new site also offers access to a range of online services such as reporting repairs, paying your rent, reporting anti-social behaviour and advertising mutual exchange opportunities for people who wish to change their home. You can make full use of our site using your computer as well as any smartphone or tablet to make our services as easily accessible as possible.

We hope that our variety of online services will improve the way we communicate with you and help us provide an even more efficient service.

You can also find out more about our team, our management and any current work opportunities at Old Oak Housing and our parent company, Family Mosaic. If something we did has particularly impressed you, you can nominate members of our team for a Wow Award, or if we got something wrong, you can let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right.

We welcome you to stay in touch with us and be informed about everything we are up to by signing up to our mailing list. We will send you our latest news and our monthly newsletter by email with all the latest from Old Oak Housing and your local community.

We hope you find our new website a useful and informative resource that improves the way we work with you and gives you opportunities to play an active part in your community. You are most welcome to get in touch with any feedback, questions and ideas!