Brendan Sarsfield_CEO

Changes are needed if Universal Credit is to work, says Brendan Sarsfield, Peabody’s CEO.An effective benefits system should help people into work and protect people from poverty.

Errors in the Universal Credit system, as well as serious flaws in its design, mean that it is failing on both counts.

While adjustments announced by Amber Rudd, the Work and Pensions Secretary, may be a step in the right direction much more remains to be done. This will take money and further policy revisions. There is now clear evidence about what these problems are and I believe that these are the top five changes needed:

  • Invest time in removing errors
  • Reduce the five-week wait at the start of a claim to two weeks
  • Reverse cuts to disability benefits
  • Automatically transfer claimants to the new system
  • Halt sanctions for vulnerable groups

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