We say goodbye to John Keating, one of Old Oak’s founders

20150203_113309Old Oak Housing held a memorial service for the passing of one of its founder members John Keating on Tuesday 3rd February. John passed away on 16th January following a bout of illness.

John worked tirelessly hard with the council and Family Mosaic Housing to bring about the birth of Old Oak Housing Association and was keen to be involved in all the works that took place following the transfer of homes from the council to Family Mosaic.

Wesley Harcourt, Local ward councillor and Chair of Old Oak board said at the memorial “I knew John for 22 years and  he sat with me when we were doing the interviews for the various housing associations. John always wanted what was best for tenants, he sometimes rubbed people up the wrong way but his intention was always good.”

John was a tenant board member of Old Oak for many years and an active member of OOTRA (Old Oak Tenants & Residents Association). Paul Keegan (former Chair of OOTRA) remembered John by saying “ He was such a character and we had many laughs. I remember when I first met him, I didn’t like him much which was ironic because as we were forced to work together more, he grew on me and we actually became very good friends. He was like family and I will miss him.”

John was remembered by staff and neighbours alike with his neighbour Karen saying “ He used to organise trips out for all the kids when we were younger, always a community man”.

John Keating 14/10/33 – 16/01/15