Energy and utility bills can be expensive, especially when your heating is on during the cold winter months. If you’re struggling with your fuel bills, we can help you save money. Why not book a free visit from our  Energy Advice Team?

Book a visitMeanwhile, here are some tips to help you save energy (and money) in your home:

  • If you turn down your thermostat by one degree, you can save £85 a year on your heating bill. We recommend your thermostat to be set at between 18C and 21C.
  • With Thames Water freebies, you can save up to £97 per year with a water-efficient showerhead, £16 per year with kitchen swivel taps and £52 per year with a shower-timer.
  • Full draught-proofing can help save £55 annually. If you are experiencing draughts, thick, lined curtains and self-adhesive foam strips can help prevent draughts getting through.
  • Turning off appliances instead of keeping them on ‘standby’ can help save £50 a year.
  • Placing a lid on the pan while cooking can help save up to £40 a year. This can help prevent moisture escaping and help save energy.
  • LED lightbulbs can help save £10 per year per lightbulb. By turning off the lights you could save £19 per year.