WWT are now accepting applications for its new intake of volunteers for its 16 week employability programme to start on 10 March 2014.

About the Programme:

This is a 3 day per week work placement in our furniture re-use warehouse in Brentford and is open to any client with barriers to employment and those struggling to find paid work.

What is the purpose of the programme:

The purpose is to give the individual a meaningful period of work experience, so as to better their chances of employment upon leaving the programme. It will allow them to fill in any gap on a CV, to gain more up to date skills and renewed confidence in the workplace, and provide them with a good letter of reference at the end of the 4 month period.

Who can join the scheme?

Anyone who is available and interested in working 3 days per week as a Warehouse Assistant and who can travel to Brentford.  The individual needs to be in accommodation (temporary or permanent) and in recovery from any addiction (if applies). 

What will they do?

Within a team of 30 staff and volunteers the work will comprise of the following duties:

  • Van Driving for collections and deliveries
  •  Loading furniture on and off vans
  • Logging details onto a computer
  • Pricing and cash handling
  •  Minor refurbishment of furniture
  • Telephone and administrative work
  • Warehouse visits
  • Cleaning and maintenance duties
  • (Individuals will only be assigned such tasks as they are able to handle)

How do I refer a client? 

Please discuss the job description with your client and if they are interested, send the completed referral form attached to referrals@williamwilberforcetrust.org.uk with a few lines of information.  We will have a brief telephone interview with them and then invite them to the warehouse for a face to face interview.