Anti-social behaviour

We have a clear policy on dealing with anti-social behaviour and we take such matters very seriously.

We strongly believe that only if everyone shows respect and consideration for everyone else will we have a safe and enjoyable community.

What you can expect from us

As one of our tenants, you have the right to live in your home in peace and without feeling threatened or unduly disturbed by others. At the same time, we expect you to make sure that no one in your household upsets or causes annoyance to any of your neighbours. This includes your pets and people visiting you.

Old Oak Housing has thorough procedures in place to deal with anti-social behaviour issues. Our policy is set out in detail in a range of leaflets which are available at our office. They explain what you can do if you are suffering from nuisance or harassment, and what we and others can do to help you.

Harassment and hate crime

Old Oak Housing is a richly diverse community with many different backgrounds, religions and types of people. Everyone is welcome and we have a zero tolerance of any form of harassment or hate crime.

If, at any time, you feel threatened or unsafe, come and see us straightaway and we will immediately take action to ensure you are protected. We take this extremely seriously and will take firm action against perpetrators which can include injunctions, anti-social behaviour orders and eviction.

Do not suffer in silence. We are here to help and you should contact us straightaway.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a particular form of hate crime and we will work with victims to ensure they have access to support and legal advice through our partner agencies. We will never rehouse violent partners.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need help. In an emergency, 24-hour support is available through on 020 7034 0303/0304.

Making Old Oak a decent place to live

If you have any pets, please make sure that they are properly looked after and are not allowed to cause any nuisance to other residents. Your tenancy agreement sets out quite clearly the kind of animals that you may keep, and we will have no hesitation in taking legal action against any tenant who disregards these rules. Written permission must be provided to keep a dog, or a cat and we will not give permission to keep certain breeds of dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead on our land and must not be allowed to foul communal areas – dog mess blights an area and is a health risk to children playing outside. We will require you to get rid of your dogs if you ignore this and spoil the community for others.

Please dispose of your household rubbish sensibly. If you live on the Old Oak estate, both rubbish and recycling collections are on a Monday, and bin / recycle bags should be placed outside before 6am on collection days (or after 9pm the previous day). If you live at Heathstan Road, rubbish collection is on a Monday, and recycling on a Thursday – please place relevant bin bags in their corresponding bins.

If you have large items that you no longer want, please call the Cleaner Greener Hotline on 020 8753 1100 and explain what it is you want to dispose of. There is a charge for this service. You must not leave rubbish or other household items, such as bicycles or prams, in any communal areas where they may cause an obstruction to other tenants.

When you move in you will also be told about parking arrangements where you live. If you live on the Old Oak estate, please contact Hammersmith & Fulham council with regard to any parking issues. If you live at the flats on Heathstan Road, please contact Parking Control Management (PCM) Ltd on 01753 512 603. If you are a leaseholder, you will have an allocated parking space. If you are a tenant, you will need to purchase a parking permit in order to use one of the visitors’ spaces (if you are not sure which these are, please contact either PCM or your Neighbourhood Manager).

You may not install an aerial or satellite dish on the outside of your property if you live in a block of flats. If you do so, we may remove it and charge the cost of its removal back to you. If you live in a house, you need to get planning permission from Hammersmith & Fulham council for any installation including satellite dishes and aerials.

Sometimes there may be problems with rats or mice or other pests, either in communal areas or in your own home. Please report these to the Repairs Call Centre (0300 123 3456) immediately and you will be advised about what can be done. Sometimes these services are free of charge, but in some cases you may have to pay.


Improving homes and the environment, creating healthy communities where all residents can thrive


Improving homes and the environment, creating healthy communities where all residents can thrive