Repairs to your home

We provide a full repair service to maintain our homes in the best possible condition.

If you have a repair to report, you can do so online or over the phone.

Please read the information below and also please check who is responsible for your repair.


Reporting a repair


To report a repair online, please use our online form

Call us

To report a repair over the phone, please contact our Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456

About repairs

If you need to have a repair carried out to your home, please follow this process to report it.

First, please check the Residents’ Handbook to see whose responsibility it is and the response times for your type of repair.

Please remember that we have no obligation to repair anything that has been damaged or misused by you or your family or visitors, or anything that does not belong to us. If we have to carry out such a repair for health and safety reasons, we will have to re-charge you for the cost.

If you think the repair is our responsibility, please ring the Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456.

They will confirm whether or not we can carry out the repair and will arrange an appointment for a contractor to visit you within the agreed response time for that type of repair.

Out of hours

If you need to report a repair outside office opening hours, including at weekends or on a public holiday, please check that the repair is a Priority 1 (emergency) repair. If you are sure it is, then please ring 0300 123 3456. This is the Out of Hours Hotline, which will arrange for a contractor to visit your home within 24 hours.

The contractor will do their best to complete the work, but may have to simply make things safe or do a temporary repair until the usual contractor can come on the next working day.

If the repair is not an emergency, please wait until our office is open and report it in the normal way.

Please be aware that if you call out the emergency repairs contractor for a repair which is not Priority 1, you will be charged for the cost of the work.

Gas servicing & emergencies

As your landlord, we are obliged by law make sure that your gas boiler is serviced every year without fail. This is extremely important for you and your family: a faulty boiler can be very dangerous.

Our contractor will contact you at about the same time every year to arrange a visit to your home. During the visit, the engineer will check that your heating system is working properly and carry out any repairs needed, as well as servicing the boiler and checking your smoke detectors.

Please help us to help you by giving our engineer access at the arranged time. If you do not co-operate with us on this, we may have to ultimately force entry to your home and cap off the gas supply until you give us access to carry out the service.

If you can smell gas or suspect that you may have a gas leak
you must call the National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately.



What happens once Old Oak Housing has agreed to do a repair?
When we have agreed to carry out a repair to your home, we will, in most circumstances, offer you an appointment time. This will be either an AM or PM appointment slot. At this time, we are not usually able to give set times as it is easy for a job to overrun, which then impacts on all the appointments following that job.

If you are not happy with what has been done, please contact the Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456 as soon as possible. We may need to visit your property to see the work for ourselves before taking further action.

We are also using new technology to improve our service. If you have a mobile phone, we can send you text reminders about repair appointments, and we will use text messaging to see if you are satisfied with the job once it has been completed.

What about the outside of my home?
Apart from day-to-day repairs, we will aim to decorate the outside of your property (and any communal internal areas) and carry out “cyclical” maintenance (such as renewing guttering or drainpipes) as required. You will receive plenty of warning about this and will be asked about colour schemes and so on, if this applies.

Old Oak Housing is proud of its repair service and works hard to make sure it keeps improving. From time to time, we will ask for your views on the way things are going and whether you have any suggestions for making the service better.

You will also receive annual reports from us on our repairs performance: how much we are spending, how we are meeting our targets etc.

There are some repairs that the Government requires us to do within a certain time period. In the unlikely event that we fail to do this, you have the legal remedy of right to repair.

What if I can’t carry out the repair myself?
If you are elderly and/or have serious disabilities or health problems and feel that you cannot get the repair done even though it is your responsibility, please contact the Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456 and explain your situation. The Customer Care Line Officer will tell you whether or not we can help.

There are a number of things that we take into account; your age, health, prevailing weather (for example, if it is very cold we will try and priorities heating repairs), any nuisance or harassment you are suffering where this is linked to the condition of your property, and a number of other factors.

Please bear in mind, however, that our repairs budget is necessarily limited and some less urgent repairs may have to be delayed if we are overspent in the current year.

Can I make changes to my home to help me get around it?

If you are having difficulty moving around your home because of a disability or illness, please let us know as soon as possible. We can usually carry out various small adaptations, such as fitting grab rails. More extensive adaptations would have to be recommended by an occupational therapist. Please contact us for more information.

What if my home is burgled?
If your home is broken into, please report this to the police and get a crime reference number. We will then be able to change your locks and carry out any repairs to your doors or windows free-of-charge.

Please be aware that if you are burgled and you do not have contents insurance, Old Oak Housing will not be able to compensate you unless the damage is due to our own negligence.

Do I need household insurance?
Things do fail in the properties from time to time, such as electrics or leaks. Although we try to maintain our properties to a high standard, we cannot be expected to know when such things will happen, and it is your responsibility to insure your possessions against such unforeseen events. We will not be able to compensate you if you have not insured your possessions – remember, it is other tenants’ rent money we are responsible for and it is not reasonable to expect them to pay if you do not have your own insurance.
What if I lock myself out or lose my door keys?
If you are unlucky enough to lose your door keys and need to change your locks, you will need to pay for a lock change unless you are elderly or vulnerable, in which case please contact us and we may be able to assist.


Improving homes and the environment, creating healthy communities where all residents can thrive


Improving homes and the environment, creating healthy communities where all residents can thrive