We believe that the greater scale of the combined associations will make it possible for us to achieve much more than  we could do as two separate organisations. Although the boards of both organisations have already agreed the merger should go ahead, we wanted to seek your views on this proposal – so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Consultation with residents

In January, we held 10 face-to-face resident meetings across London to discuss our plans and give you all the information we had available. Nearly 300 residents joined us at these meetings and a range of issues were discussed at each meeting. We also invited you to share your views with us by writing to us or using our website. We found that 81% of you either support the merger or feel neutral about it. Only 19% of you had a negative opinion. This is very encouraging but we are taking care to listen to those of you with concerns about the changes.

Many of you wanted to know how the merger might affect your tenancy or rent. Some asked if your repairs would be affected while others asked if the new organisation would continue providing community services. You can see a list of all of the most frequently questions and our response to them on this page. We will keep adding any new questions to it as we receive them.

To find out more about Peabody, you can visit www.peabody.org.uk.